When smartphones and other electronic gadgets were on the rise, I was anxious to get hold of the latest model, the one with the most awesome specs and those with the amazing designs. I used to watch in awe as my classmates showcase their gadgets, all in its innovative and spectacular glory. When passing by an all electronic gadget stall inside the mall, I stand for minutes staring at the array of mobile phones, tablets and laptops with this note in mind: someday, I am going to buy one of those silver and shiny stuff that my classmates and other friends have.
          When I had my first salary, I thought of buying the latest model of this particular smartphone. To my own surprise, I rejected the idea and kept my money instead. Same goes with my succeeding months on board. And every time I look at the shop to check on some gadgets, the urge of buying was already gone.
          Now I guess I am contented of the things that I already have (my current phone is a local brand phone but enables me to browse the internet, update my FB and Twitter etc.). I don't need to keep up with other people with the latest model of this and that. Though I don't have any negative sentiment towards technology, perhaps it is the inner me telling me that first things first and spend my money well.
          Indeed, people today tend to go with the latest trend as different gadget manufacturers continue their race to upgrade models every now and then. Living in a world where cyberspace has expanded through innovation, we must take a firm stand on how to deal with the flow without violating our morals and our sense of judgment. We are free to use any gadget for whatever purpose, but we must be responsible enough in doing so. And prior to buying such gadget, take some consideration first (can you afford it? is it badly needed? etc.). It is a virtue to allot some time to think about your decisions. So goes a modern Filipino saying: "Isip-isip din pag may time."